When the dog becomes the new member of the family, it means making some adjustments not only for the humans but for the pet as well.

The Introduction

When the dog first arrives home, it is better to give him some space. No doubt, all members of the family will be excited about the new arrival. The dog, no matter what its age, will be anxious about its new surroundings and should be allowed some time to adjust.

Getting Used to One Person at a Time

The dog will also be excited. It is best to let one family member introduce themselves to the new pet at a time. Then they should step back and let the next person have their chance. After this, the dog will go around to everyone for some extra pats and hugs.

No Lifting

If the dog is a young pup, they should not be lifted by small children. Everyone will want to hold and cuddle this little furball, but it is not good for them.

A Bathroom Trip

Along with the excitement and the trip to the new home, the dog will most likely need to go to the bathroom. Now is the time to introduce them to where they will be going in the future. This is the first step in training.


When bedtime comes, the first night or two may be a bit of a struggle. Especially if it is a pup that has just been taken from the litter. The sleeping arrangements should be determined. Most like to crate their dogs at bedtime, but this is up to the individual owner. The dog should not be allowed to sleep on the beds unless the owner doesn’t care, as this will become a constant habit.

Everyone should know what their responsibilities are for the new family member.