Now that you have decided on which purebred breed to buy, the question is, do I purchase an adult dog, or do I buy a puppy?

The temperament of an Old English Sheepdog is traditionally good-natured, enthusiastic, friendly and bumptious. They require a minimum of one hour per day of outdoor exercise. They love people; however, they can be quite demanding, requiring a lot of attention. This breed of working dog may try to “herd” other pets and children by circling them.

Choosing an Adult Old English Sheepdog

When you choose an adult dog from a rescue group or an animal shelter, you can see exactly what the dog is like. Speaking with staff at either location can also provide some insight into the dog’s temperament. Also, by choosing an adult dog, you are providing it with a much better life than being stuck in a shelter. Dogs are very much like humans; they thrive with love and affection. Another benefit of buying an adult dog is the simple fact that you do not have to go through the training of teaching them how to go outdoors to do their business.

Choosing a Puppy Old English Sheepdog

Everybody loves puppies because they are so adorable. However, there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with owning a puppy. Puppies are like infants, they have to be taught and trained to do everything. You may also experience some sleepless nights when the puppy cries and misses its mom. There are benefits to buying a puppy. Ensuring you buy your puppy from the right breeder is very important. When you raise a dog from a puppy, you can train it the way you would like it trained. You get to know the puppy right from the time you bring it home.