Caring for an Old English Sheepdog is very similar to any other breeds, although it is known that they have their own distinct needs.


They do require a lot of attention. Still, it is worth it; they are very loyal and have no problem sitting by their owner’s side if they want to Play Royal Vegas games or watch a movie.

Feeding the Dog

Most dogs within this breed do quite well on a good quality dry food. For the average size, two times a day feeding is all they require. These dogs are known to be healthy and don’t have any specific dietary needs. They do like to eat, though, so they will pick up some begging habits if they are not checked.


If your sheepdog does not have adequate outdoor space to run and play for different periods throughout the day, then you will need to take him for a good long walk. Hopefully, there is a doggie park nearby where he or she can be left off the leash for some run time.


Grooming is going to be important, as the coats of the Old English Sheepdog can be long and thick. Brushing regularly and baths occasionally will make sure that the dog is kept looking healthy, as well as feeling good. Matted hair makes them feel uncomfortable and can lead to some skin conditions.


If the Old English Sheepdog is a puppy, then proper training will be necessary. They must learn the basic commands, and they will need to be house trained. These dogs like to learn, but they can be a little stubborn at times. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train them.

Health Checkups

Overall this breed of dog is quite healthy, but they do need their regular checkups.